New Routes for Growth for a better way to work and live

What we do

We support organisations to create their own unique formula to unlock their untapped resource of human potential.

HR Digitalisation

How to adapt, evolve and digitalise HR practices to optimize processes, save time and offer innovative HR solutions to enhance the employee experience.

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Redesigning The Employee Experience

Design Thinking empowers organisations to reimagine every aspect of work: the focus is on the employees and the experience, not on the process or policy.

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Agile HR Transformation

Every organisation is experiencing change and undergoing transformation. HR plays a critical role in driving the people agenda and driving agility in the business.

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About NRG HR

I passionately believe there is a better way to work and live. The current way of doing business is not fit for today’s world.

NRG HR stands for New Routes for Growth and ENERGY all in one.

My aim is to bring more balance of energy to the universe through businesses, in particular through purposeful and conscious people practices that unleash true human potential in the workplace.

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About Rishita

“First and foremost I am a human of the world. Then I am a wife, daughter, sister and a mother of 2. I am curious. I am a seeker and a soul searcher. I am a dreamer and a believer. I live for today and I show up for tomorrow”.

Rishita Jones

I chose HR on purpose. I didn’t fall into it or get stuck in it. My love for what I do has led me to live and work in 4 countries looking at what drives, motivates and moves people.

I’m an HR disruptor. I care about how we serve the businesses we become part of. Change is rapid and unrelenting and we are witnessing a shift from a world of scarcity to a world of abundance and scale in areas such as information and technology. There is increased connectivity between and within organisations which presents opportunities for HR to drive innovation, creativity, collaboration and increase productivity and results.

I believe it’s time for something different, it’s time we scale HR to support and enable businesses AND individuals to reach their full potential.

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Our Approach

Most transformations fail because of a lack of alignment between an organisation’s structure, culture and strategy.

We provide end to end support to organisations who want to evolve and transform their HR practices to better support the business. Our focus is on aligning both the tangible – structure, systems and strategy – and the intangible – mindset, relationships and culture.

We’re not creating a revolution. We aim to evolve an organisation’s HR practices and align them to the desired culture and strategic objectives.

As research continually proves, organisations that embark on transforming and reinventing themselves are faced with a huge challenge. Not only do more than half fail to deliver on their original objectives, they quickly revert to their original state, with little to no change on new desired behaviours and results to show for the investments made.

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I am always looking to inspire and be inspired. Get in touch if you want to learn more about what I do and if you want to join the movement.